With Mother’s Day coming soon, we’re sharing a favourite Curated Gift Box & Bundle, items from our Outside the Box Shop and other fun finds that mom will love! Surprise her with something unique, useable, beautiful and fun…

1. Happy Wrap $70 2.Bebe Deluxe $8-55  3. I’m So Tired T-Shirt $30 4. Deluxe Gift Box $175 5. Namast’ay In Bed All Day Tank $35 6. Mama Bundle $50 7.  buddhiMama Tea $8 8. Temporary Tattoo – Inspirational $20 9. Otherware Teething Necklace  $30

1. Happy Wrap Because cuddling baby and rediscovering the use of both hands is pretty great!  If she hasn’t yet discovered the many benefits and convenience of babywearing, now’s the time!

2.Because a little ‘me’ time goes a long long way. Put the babes to bed, pour a glass of your favourite something something, turn on some tunes and tune out with Bebe Deluxe Coconut and Oat Milk Bath!

3.Because, I’m So Tired. Aren’t you? Matchy match with wee ones here and here!

4. Deluxe Gift Box Because when it comes to celebrating the arrival of a new baby, mom needs some things just for her too!

5. Because sometimes you, Namast’ay In Bed All Day! Twin it with your littles who, Namast’ay Up All Night here, here, and here!

6. Mama Bundle Our exclusive to buddhiBaby charcoal jersey knit Coverboo Couture nursing scarf and Glitter & Spice “Phoenix” teething bracelet are a simple & sweet pairing!

7.  Because we all need a little cuppa calm sometimes! Though not recommended during pregnancy, our buddhiMama Tea  blend is an excellent postpartum tea that is nutritive and toning to the uterus while helping with the production of breastmilk.

8. Temporary Tattoo – Inspirational Because you’re cool but not ready for commitment. Start your day right with these uplifting words of wisdom. Tatty temporary tattoos are designed by professional artists and last 2 to 4 days! Like a real tattoo, but fake.

9.  Teething jewelry is a mom {& baby} essential! Because babies like to put EVerything in their mouth. Because when they are teething they love to chomp and chew. Because when they’re cozied up for milk, they grasp and pinch and play. This Otherware Teething Necklace is a beautifully modern piece perfect to gift mom.

We like to think everyday is a day to celebrate moms! But it’s not everyday she gets a gift.  What’s on your list of favourite items to give {or get} this Mother’s Day?

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