Dear Freya Buddhibaby Giveaway

When Phoenix was born, she didn’t have a whole lotta hair. 1.5 years later and she still doesn’t.  And even though she rocks that #nohairdontcare look, we love to accessorize. With pieces of hair far and few between on her head, we can’t get barrettes to stay in, so bow headbands are our go to!


We are always on the lookout for beautiful, practical and well-made products and were so excited to come across a local company that hand makes bows, headbands and bowties right here in Edmonton.

Taren, mom to Freya, is the creator behind Dear Freya Handmade. She makes handmade bows for your little dears that are sweetly simple, super stylish and very well made!


The nylon bands she uses for her headband bows are soft and have the perfect stretch so your wee babe doesn’t get uncomfortable with too tight a fit.  She also makes cute little bowties for your silly, sweet and dapper little dudes!


We dressed our kids up in Dear Freya bows for their visit to Santa and they made for the perfect holiday accessories. Note: I can assure you, while Phoenix is less than impressed with Santa, she loves her headband!


When we find something we love, we love to share it! So we’re hosting a giveaway with the opportunity to win a $25 shop credit to both Dear Freya Handmade + buddhiBaby! Come and find us on Instagram for all the details.

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