Since the day Tristan was born there are a few staples that have consistently been in my diaper bag. By consistently I mean I NEVER leave the house without them. Delish Yum Bum Butter, AMP cloth diapers, wipes and my CoverBoo Couture nursing scarf. Seriously guys, I never even think about leaving the house without these staples. I wish I had had a coverboo when Grayson was first born. I had one of those nursing covers with the rigid neckline. It definitely was handy the first few weeks as I learned to nurse in public. It was nice to be able to see Grayson and make sure he was getting the proper latch, but after a few weeks we both had it figured out. All I had to do was pop a boob out and that kid made sure to find his way to it. At that point having the ability to see Grayson as he nursed wasn’t a priority. Then when Grayson was a few months old he decided it was pretty fun to play peek-a-boob as he was nursing and loved to flash all the passers by. Haha! Having a nursing cover that went all the way around would have made a big difference!

I still remember the day I received my first CoverBoo. Harmony and I were still in the process of figuring out what buddhiBaby would be. We knew we wanted to share some awesome products with other moms and so we began compiling a list. One evening just before Christmas we met for our weekly meeting and Harmony had a gift for me, it was a beautiful floral Coverboo nursing scarf. I had never heard of the local business before and let me tell you, it was one of those jaw dropping, giddy and all around amazing moments to see firsthand how innovative and incredibly talented some moms are. A beautiful scarf that also doubles as a nursing scarf…mind blown!!! Ask anyone who knows me, I LOVE scarves. Seriously though, I may have a problem. I have a whole wall of scarves to prove it. I am very rarely seen without a scarf. I just love them. So for me the idea that a scarf I would want to wear anyway could also double as my nursing cover, well that was pretty incredible. As you can imagine, the CoverBoo nursing scarf was the first product we knew we HAD to have in our curated gift boxes. The fact that it was made by a local mom was a huge bonus!

My personal collection of CoverBoo scarves consists of 6 pretty colourful and fun fabrics, but for buddhiBaby we knew we wanted something timeless, lightweight and neutral. Something you could dress up or down and that would go with just about anything. We spent countless hours searching for the perfect fabric and we finally did! In fact we found two beautiful jersey fabrics for our exclusive to buddhiBaby CoverBoo nursing scarves. One is a heather grey, this is the one you will find in our Classic Gift Box and the other is a charcoal grey and can be found in our Mama Bundle. They are both lightweight, incredibly soft and so versatile!! The one pictured here is our Heather Grey CoverBoo and is also available outside the box!

There are so many reasons I love CoverBoo, here are my top 5 reasons:

1. It covers you all the way around. If you are not wearing a nursing top and you need to pull your shirt up you will be covered around your backside as well. Being covered all the way around also makes it difficult for baby to play peek-a-boo. 

2. You can wear the scarf all day and when you are ready to nurse you will have it handy. No need to search through your diaper bag, just re-adjust and let mealtime begin!!

3. It is super lightweight and compact. Is it just me or does nursing turn up your core temperature like 10 degrees? The last thing I need is a heavy nursing cover that doesn’t breath well making me even hotter!! If you don’t feel like wearing a scarf one day, the cover is so compact it will take up very little room in your bag.

4. The CoverBoo is a nursing scarf but it has so many other functions: carseat cover, use it to change diapers on or just for baby to sit on when having an impromptu picnic! You can also use it as a shopping cart cover. 6 uses in 1 makes for a very practical item to have on hand.

5. It is designed and manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

CoverBoo was the first company we fell in love with and it continues to be a product we absolutely love and recommend. It makes for a great gift to a new mama or any mama who has never heard of it! For a classic staple be sure to check out the exclusive to buddhiBaby CoverBoo here. For something a bit more colourful that can add a pop of fun to your outfit check out the CoverBoo Couture store here, because let’s be honest, you can NEVER have too many scarves!!


**As a sidenote, the buddhiMamas are all about supporting moms and their choices. If you are a mom who feels comfortable nursing in public without a cover then we think you absolutely should. I kind of go back and forth. It depends on the situation, sometimes I don’t use a cover. But with both my boys, it is not so much about covering up as it is making them focus on the task at hand. If they can see what is going on around them they are not very likely to nurse. They just want to check out what is happening around them. Sometimes at home I will use my Coverboo with Tristan because he just won’t pay attention! And then when I decide I don’t want to just sit there with my boob out as he watches his brother play and decide to close the booby bar he gets very angry!! So we either nurse in his room or I use a cover.**

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