As most of you know September 1st was Tristan’s First Birthday!! I realize once the boys are older birthday parties will be about their friends, but for now they are about family! We have a pretty big family so with immediate family members the guest list was 30!! Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and we were able to eat outside. I decided I wanted to do a “family style” sit down dinner and a greek meal was on the menu! I prepared chicken souvlaki, keftedes, lemon potatoes, greek salad, spanokopita and lots of tzatziki!!!  Since Costco does such a great job of spanokopita and tzatziki (and the price is right!) I decided to purchase those premade, but everything else was a labour of love (see what I did there?!). I was up to my elbows in meat and SO MUCH GARLIC the day before but it was all worth it as we sat down to a lovely meal together. I am so grateful to have a big, wonderful, loving family and sitting down to eat a meal together is always a joy…it is chaotic…but is is joyful!!

For dessert I served cake and cupcakes! I have been experimenting with gluten free baking since I try to limit the boys gluten intake (it seems to upset both of their stomachs and mine too). I found a cupcake recipe when Grayson turned one and have been using it ever since and for Tristan’s birthday I found a pretty good cake recipe. Mostly I just wanted to use this beautiful cake platter!!

After dinner, singing happy birthday and eating some cake we decided to snap a few photos of the family. Tristan and Grayson had 2 of their great grandmas in attendance so that was pretty special. We also got a rare photo of me and my siblings (there are 4 of us!). These people are my tribe, they are some of the greatest people I know and I am so fortunate to call them family. It might sound corny but my siblings truly are my best friends, I can’t imagine going through life without them!!

All in all it was a pretty spectacular day. Looking back on these photos and writing this blog post reminds me how lucky I am for my huge family and also for the little family I am creating with Matt. Life is good. Life is crazy and the day to day with two little boys can be overwhelming some days…okay most days. But I am grateful for moments like this where I can sit down and reflect and remember how truly blessed I am.


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