I can hardly believe a year has come and gone. It actually feels impossible. I am full of so many emotions, so many feelings as I sit here and reflect on the past year. Part of me is sad knowing the baby days are over and my youngest is now a busy little boy. We are definitely entering a new stage, a much more independent, BUSY and fun stage. But as we enter this new phase, I am definitely mourning the loss of my teeny tiny baby. Some days I feel pretty great, but others I feel totally EXHAUSTED. Mama’s I know you feel my pain when I say “I have not slept through the night in over a YEAR!!!”. Just thinking about that makes me feel exhausted! I can’t complain too much because Tristan is a pretty good sleeper but he does still get up at night, usually twice to nurse. He eats and goes right back to sleep, but let me tell you, this mama is R E A D Y for a full nights sleep. With Grayson, he was having sleepovers around 6 months and so I definitely had several opportunities for a good rest. But with two life is different. It is harder to take both boys, so typically someone takes Grayson for us and we hang with Tristan. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the help. And I love having a chance to hang with just Tristan, but it is definitely time for both the boys to have a sleepover and let me sleep in. Who am I kidding. I don’t think I could sleep in, but I could probably sleep through the night!!  Okay, I am off on a tangent…this is Tristan’s birth story…

If you read Grayson’s birth story then you know we really were not prepared. Like, we had nothing ready. He came two weeks early and thank goodness for my family who banded together and got sh*t done for us. So during my second pregnancy I mentally prepared myself for baby to come early. I also knew there was a very good chance the baby would not come early so I also prepared that we would go over our due date.

Through out my second pregnancy Matt and I talked about renovating our bathroom upstairs (our only bathroom upstairs) and for some crazy reason we decided at 35 weeks it would be a good time to start the reno. Matt assured me he could have it done in 2 weeks. We were planning a second home birth so I definitely needed my bathroom. As soon as I was 37 weeks I was allowed to have the baby at home so I told Matt he better get a move on it! I think my midwife thought we were a bit crazy, but we did it anyways!

At 37 weeks we still had not finished the bathroom. We went to bed one night and I started to have contractions. I did not experience braxton hicks with either pregnancy so I assumed this was it! At 1 am Matt jumped out of bed and starting looking up how to attach a toilet on youtube! I told him not to worry, we would just use the bathroom downstairs! I texted my mom to let her know what was happening and she suggested I get up and move around, that maybe it was false labour. As soon as I moved around the contractions stopped. We breathed a sigh of relief and went to bed.

The very next day Matt and his dad installed the toilet!

That Friday it was the start of the long weekend. Matt and Grayson headed out to Pigeon Lake but I decided it was probably best for me to stay close to home. It was a glorious weekend. I finished up purging every room in the house! I didn’t really get the nesting urge with Grayson but I seriously made up for it while pregnant with Tristan! I purged like mad!! It felt so good. I cleaned, bought fresh flowers, had coffee with friends and went to the Farmers Market. On Saturday night I went to Bar Bricco with my sister Nicole and her wife Paula. We had a lovely dinner. The next morning Paula and I went for brunch to Next Act. Eating delicious food and spending time with my family and friends is pretty much at the top of my list for things to do so as I said before, it was a glorious weekend. That afternoon Matt decided to come home early from the lake and Grayson stayed out with his grandparents. Matt finished tiling, one step closer to a finished bathroom! At this point I was 38 weeks. That night we had booked a cleaner to come and do a thorough cleaning of the house. While she was there Matt and I decided we would go for dinner to Three Boars. Seriously, this weekend will go down in history as one of the greatest foodie weekends of all time for me! Also up there is our babymoon with baby # 2 to Victoria. I planned the entire trip around eating! Haha! This lady loves to eat really good food!!

While we were out for dinner I was texting my friend Michelle. She asked how I was feeling. I told her about my amazing weekend and said I was feeling very prepared. We joked that since I felt ready for the baby he (we didn’t know it was a boy at the time) probably wouldn’t come for weeks!! Everything I wanted to have for the birth was ready (minus the bathroom being completely done!) After dinner Matt and I went home and got to bed early.

At 3:30 am I woke up, I was wide awake. I knew I would not be able to get back to sleep so I got up and made some tea. I felt like maybe I was having contractions, but I didn’t want to jump the gun again so I just drank my tea and read my book. I decided to lay down on the couch and try to get a bit more rest but around 6:30 am I started to feel uncomfortable. I figured it was time to get Matt up. I went in and told him I thought I might be in labour. He said “are you sure? Maybe you should get back in bed for a bit.” I got back in bed but when my next contraction hit I was too uncomfortable laying down. We both got up and I texted my mom and midwife. This was it! We got the pool out and started to set it up. We had some breakfast and waited for the gang to get there. We planned on having my midwife and her assistant, my mom, my sister Nicole(and our amazing photgrapher) and Paula (our amazing videographer). My mom arrived first around 8 am. I was worried I had not progressed enough to make the midwife come all the way to our house, I was feeling pretty good between contractions and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. Luckily we live really close to the my midwife’s office so she assured me she could just go do some work if I hadn’t progressed much. So the midwife arrived around 8:30 am and shortly thereafter my sister and Paula. My contractions were getting stronger and I was feeling ready to get in the pool. If you have the opportunity to labour or birth in a pool DO IT!!! It is so amazing. I honestly can’t imaging birthing without one!!

I laboured for a few hours and was feeling like things were getting pretty intense. My midwife checked me around 10 am and said I was close to being fully dilated. She suggested I get out of the pool and walk around a bit, maybe try to go to the bathroom. I think this was her way of getting me to stand up for a bit and let gravity help out. I went to the bathroom and laboured for a bit there. I felt a shift and knew it was time to get back in the pool. A few pushes later and Tristan made his grand entrance. He was born at 10:54 am. Neverending Fountain by S. Carey was playing in the background (pretty fitting since we saw him play while I was pregnant with Tristan and he is in Bon Iver which was the band playing when Grayson was born). Tristan was a tiny little gaffer weighing in at 5lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long.

The next day when my midwife came to check on me she said she had to confess because she had told me a little white lie during my labour. When she checked me around 10 am I was actually on 4 cm dilated BUT she told me I was almost 10 cm. From that moment to when Tristan was born was less than 1 hour. I am so grateful she did not tell me the truth!! I think I would have felt totally discouraged knowing I was not very far along and I am sure that would have slowed down my labour.  I can’t say enough how amazing my midwife and her team were, they knew exactly what I needed even when I didn’t.

Happy Birthday baby boy! I love you so much. You are such a sweet little guy. You have the most amazing smile and big beautiful eyes. You cannot talk yet but you always let us know what you need, especially when you are tired! You love to sleep and when I ask you if you are ready for a nap or bedtime you will look at your dad and wave good bye to him! You are so curious, you love to get into everything you can! You are a little guy but you sure love to eat, you will often eat more than your big brother!! You think your brother Grayson is the funniest person on planet earth, he can do pretty much anything and you will laugh your head off at him. Hearing the two of you giggle is one of the greatest joys of my life. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your mama.

Today for the first time we are sharing the beautiful video Arrowfilms made for us of Tristan’s first day earth side. I promise it is totally PG! I hope it brings a smile to your face 

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