December I thought he’d come in December.  Our baby’s expected due date was January 2nd and then became January 4th.  But I thought he’d come in December.  And then came the Christmas holidays.  And with the Christmas holidays came family.  And with family came a whole lotta belly rubbing and asking when baby was going to come.

January 3rd, 2012.  3am.  As baby would have it, contractions began on the morning that the very last family member travelled back home after the holidays. Contractions that were light but low and deep and different from the Braxton Hicks I’d been experiencing for weeks prior.

Bath.  I hopped in to relax and prepare for the day and it’s where I ended up staying for much of my labouring at home.  Candles were burning, music was playing and contractions were contracting.  But with breath and focus and the sweet anticipation of knowing we’d soon be meeting our baby, I got through.  With the help,  support and love of my husband timing contractions and my mom massaging me with essential oils, I got through.

Chicken noodle soupI was hungry.  So my mom made me some soup and I slurped it up in between contractions while in the bath.  But the soup didn’t stay put. After vomiting my meal into the water we decided it was time to get in the car and drive to the hospital.

Car ride2:30pm.  It’s a bit of a blur but I recall it wasn’t fun.  It was a bumpy ride, I threw up again and wished I was still in the water where I felt more comfortable and focused and peaceful.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital3pm.  We arrived, and in I walked carrying my blankie and pillow and proceeded to the 4th floor.

8.5 cm dilated.  It wasn’t long before I was checked and it was discovered that I was quite far along.  I’d laboured at home for 12 hours and now it was time to continue the adventure in a new venue along with Bobby, my mom, our doula Enid, and Ne our lovely labour & delivery nurse.

5:30pm.  My water still hadn’t broken.  I wasn’t prepared for this.  I didn’t really know what to say when asked if I’d like my waters broken for me.  I remember being scared that the pain would get way more intense way too quickly for me to handle.  At 6pm, I went for it and had my water broke.

Meconium.  It was discovered that our baby had had a bowel movement so extra hands were on deck in case baby swallowed some on the way out.

7pmHard labour.  Pushing: left side, right side, squat bar.  20 minutes of each.  I stared at my focal point – a picture of our baby’s ultrasound – and breathed.

8pm.  Bathroom break.  Soothing music.  Colourful words.  More breathing and allowing my body and our baby to do their thing.

And then came baby.  At 8:25pm our baby was born. With one last big push and one very primal sounding roar, our baby was born!  We asked for the doctors and nurses in attendance not to announce the sex of our baby so that we could each discover it on our own.  Grandma cut the cord and our brand new baby was quickly taken a few steps away to check for any meconium aspiration.  He was fine.  He was perfect.  He!

A boy! A 7lb 13 oz 21.5 inch baby boy! Our son.  Xavier Allen Ryan.  He was placed on my chest, I wept tears of all the feelings, and sang him Happy Birthday.  And it was.  A very happy birth day.



Xavier, today you turn 3 years old.  Your birth was and still is one of the most favourite moments I’ve ever had.  I loved your birth day and I love reminiscing about your birth story. Happy Birthday bud.  Me, your dad, your sister and all your family love you so so much.  Enjoy your special day. Thank you for choosing us to be on this journey with you!

  buddhiLove & buddhiHugs