By Clare Newman, Program Director of Mamata Yoga

*Stay tuned over the next several weeks as we continue to explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  If you missed last week, we explored Dharana*

7. Dhyana (Meditation)

There seems to be an intimate connection between that of dharana and dhyana, as one limb cannot happen without the proceeding limb.
We cannot meditate on an object if we have not learned to concentrate. In a meditative state, we are always seeking an unknown and unrealistic attachment for the mind. Once we realize the Truth in it’s essence; this being when one pointed concentration of the mind ceases to exist and becomes effortless, we achieve a quiet and calm state of surrender. For new mothers, meditation does not need to occur sitting in padmasana (lotus) in a quiet room without a sound, meditation can happen anytime, anyplace and just about anywhere. Mothers should not be conscious of the act of meditation, rather be aware of the existence and an object. If the object is the baby, which for most new mothers it will be, becoming one with the baby is the objective of meditation. During the entire process of pregnancy, expectant mothers are bonding with baby’s daily by sense of touch and hearing, singing and sending loving affirmations and meditating on the journey ahead. This does not happen as easily after the arrival of baby because mothers are consumed with fear, high expectation and false perceptions. The only importance is the realization that we are all one with creation.