Sometimes I forget to eat, sometimes I make a coffee and don’t drink it until hours later (thank God for my contigo because I hate cold coffee and it keeps my cup of joe hot forever!) and often I don’t get to shower.

I have bangs so no showering means greasy hair.  I can throw it up in a bun and get away with it, but not my bangs.  I am also attempting to grow out my eyebrows (after years of threading and plucking I don’t think this is going to be successful) so I need my bangs to cover my hideous eyebrows!!

Lately I have been hearing about this “no poo” movement and decided to give it a try.  I purchased some Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo and let me tell you it has been a game changer!  The days when showering is just not an option and I would like to leave my house looking halfway decent I use some dry shampoo and my hair is instantly refreshed!  And it smells great too!!  I was worried with my dark hair the white powder would make me look like had gone grey but I just work the product into my scalp and presto I am good to go!!  My only complaint is with this winter weather my hair can get really staticy and using the dry shampoo can make it worst but I just use a bit of hairspray and problem solved.

When I do get to shower you better believe I enjoy every single bliss-filled moment!  And a bath…don’t even get me started!

I would love to hear some tips and tricks you have used to make yourself look and feel refreshed on days when a shower is but a distant memory!!