Teething. It’s a pain. For baby, and for you too. So, we’ve brought back one of our most popular curated gift boxes filled with items to help get through this milestone of baby’s first teeth. Our teething gift box is back!

What’s in the box:

vonbon bib bandana

Functional, super stylish & two layers thick! Perfect for catching drool during teething time and then as a trendy accessory to spruce up your toddler’s basic tee.

Made with US certified organic cotton, the stretchy knit allows for easy on and off access without untying.

teething bling pendant 

Pendants look great on moms but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew. All pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

wildcotton gifts maple teething ring

An eco-friendly, & non-toxic alternative to plastic teethers.

amber baby edmonton amber anklet

Though not for chewing or wearing at night, this is a natural alternative for pain relief that can help reduce symptoms of teething.

Whether it be a gift for you and your baby or a gift for someone else going through the journey of teething, we hope you enjoy the items in this gift box just as much as we do!

  buddhiLove & buddhiHugs