From the time Grayson was a week old we were out and about. Coffee shops, lunches with friends, mom groups…you name it and we were out doing it!! It took awhile to figure out exactly what I needed in my diaper bag, but over time I figured out what I really needed and what could be left at home. In the beginning we always needed to have a change of clothes…for baby and for me!!Grayson was a puker! I am not talking a bit of spit up here and there, I am talking projectile vomiting. (We later found out Grayson had a tongue and lip tie which caused him to vomit frequently). I remember one day having coffee with some other mom friends and Grayson vomited everywhere-all over me, all over himself, all over the table and floor. The staff had to get out their mop and bucket it was such a big mess!! Anyhow, I quickly learned to be prepared.

The great thing about the products we have picked for this month’s #themedbox is that they are ultra lightweight. They will not weigh down your diaper bag and make you feel like you are carrying a brick around! These products are essential to our diaper bag. Week after week, month after month we continue to use them.

We LOVE our Squishy Snak Pak. I love that I can customize what goes in it and it is easy to wash. You can put it in the top rack of your dishwasher or wash it by hand. Sometimes when I make Grayson a smoothie I fill up a few of the snak paks and throw them in the freezer. Then when we head out I can quickly grab one for the diaper bag and by the time he has it it has thawed out. Easy peasy!!

The sandwich bag by The Sling Sisters is perfect for a variety of snacks-cheerios, carrots, cucumbers, sandwiches, nuts. Truthfully I don’t always use it for Grayson, mama needs snacks too!!

Bibagogo’s are a must have, from 6 months to well into toddlerhood. These bibs are extra long (I find that most bibs are too short and Grayson ends up with his pants being covered in food), one size fits all, include 2 napkins and a spoon, roll up into a nice little package, wipe down easily, are great for eating or craft time….the list goes on! What more can I say, you need a bibagogo!! And as a bonus you can fit a squishy snak pak in the back pocket of them.

Last but not least, no diaper bag is complete without a book for baby to play with (i.e distraction). Indestructibles are amazing books that are waterproof, tear resistant and baby durable. They are ultra light weight and filled with pictures so you and your little one can use your imagination and create new stories together.

I don’t know if you can tell but we are very excited to share this #themed box with you. As always, each product has been intentionally and lovingly selected. We feel that these products are incredibly useful, well made and essential to day to day life with a baby or toddler.