The second last week of January isn’t too late to make New Year’s resolutions, right? RIGHT??? Ok, good, because I’ve finally just settled on mine. Honestly, I don’t usually do resolutions.  But I kinda really dig these ones:


I set goals, but I never legit set goals.  I don’t really write them down.  I don’t really connect back to them.  I don’t really hold myself accountable. It’s time I did! I found this crazy cool workbook & calendar by Leonie Dawson that looks super fun and conducive to creativity. There are worksheets, planners & templates to help map out both business and personal goals, personal affirmations and mission statements for biz. I’m really excited for it to arrive and can’t wait to start the process.


My husband and I typically purge household items and clothing a few times a year.  Since Phoenix was born and our family became 4, we feel the need to purge even more.  New items found their way into our home after Christmas and Xavier’s January birthday and it’s feeling overwhelming.  We don’t live in a huge home so taking time to be mindful of what we have, what we keep, and what we need is really important to us. I’ve found inspiration from blogs like Nourishing Minimalism and Home Storage Solutions 101.  They both have great 2015 decluttering & organizing challenges going on if you’re in the mood to organize and declutter this year too.


Less stress and anxiety.  More control over emotions. Better sleep.  Being more present.  SIGN ME UP!  The benefits to meditating are many and it’s exactly what my sleep deprived-overwhelmed-roller-coaster-of-emotions-self needs!  I’m not sure exactly what this will look like yet or at what time of the day I’ll schedule it in.  But I’ll start simple >>> even if it’s just a (kidless) bath with a focus on relaxing, breathing and emptying all the thoughts, troubles and worries that don’t serve me.


Yoga. Massage. Solo movie dates. Chiropractor. Sitting in a coffee shop and reading a book or doing absolutely nothing at allYes yes yes! I feel like a hundred bucks when I take time for myself.  I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better me.  So I need to do it on the regular.


Resolutions made!  Watch out rest of 2015…I’m ready.

Are you a resolution maker?  I’d love to know all about yours.  Maybe we can help hold each other accountable. 

  buddhiLove & 2,015Hugs