It Snowed by Meaghan Smith is our “first day of snow” tradition. When we wake up to see that it snowed last night, this song gets played and a dance party ensues. Give it a listen, it’ll remind you of the magic and beauty of snow…

Our first day of snow song & dance party started before we even had children. A friend of mine shared a similar tradition that she had started with her kiddos and I thought that sounded like a pretty fun way to celebrate the arrival of winter.

The first few years we listened to “A Marshmallow World” by Kim Stockwood, which is also a great song but a little too Christmassy when snow falls in October or early November. So I was pretty excited when I heard this little diddy on the radio a few years ago. It’s finger snapping, toe tapping perfectly jazzy and reminds me that snow doesn’t have to suck.

Happy first day of snow everyone! Go have a dance party of your own and maybe even start a similar tradition.



P.S. Her entire album is pretty great.  Check it out here!