Birthdays are kind of like New Years, a time when you reflect on the past year and imagine what will come in the year ahead. I have been reflecting a lot lately and I am so excited for the year to come. Life feels exciting, hard at times, full of the unknown and full of potential!

Some days staying home with my boys feels so hard. Not much time for me, trying to balance my time and attention between two sweet boys (well they aren’t always sweet!), trying to fit in time to run my businesses. Most days I don’t get to drink my coffee while it is hot, I don’t usually get to eat a meal while it is hot or all in one sitting. I have not slept through the night in over a year. Some days feel really hard. And then I remember “This too shall pass” and one day I will miss all these crazy, beautiful, tired moments. Moments where my three year old son wants to sit on my lap while I eat, where he comes up and whispers “I love you mama”. I will miss my tiny 9 month old snuggling into me as we rock before I put him down to sleep, how he does a sweet little shimmy after I lay him in his crib and then he closes his eyes to drift off to sleep, how he constantly wants to be held just so he can be close. I know a day will come where my boys won’t need me much anymore and I will desperately miss these days.

I try to stay present. I do my very best to be grateful and I remind myself that it is okay to need to take some time away from my boys. I remind myself it is important to take time to nurture myself, to fill up my cup so that I can be the very best mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend possible.

And so I have been planning a way to make that happen. ME time.

It is my birthday gift to myself this year.

So here it goes. I want to wake up earlier. (This sounds crazy right? Wasn’t I just complaining about not getting enough sleep?). But to me the best time to have a bit of time just for me is in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up. And that way there are no excuses. I find it so easy later in the day to come up with reasons why I don’t need to take time for myself that day. I want to spend time with Matt when he gets home from work, I need to make supper, I need to clean up, I need to put the boys to bed…and then I am just exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed!!

I have been on the lookout for a solid morning routine to get my day going. Lo and behold on one of the podcasts I listen to I heard an interview with the author of “The Miracle Morning”. I was intrigued and immediately starting listening to the audio version of the book. As soon as I started listening I knew this was the routine for me. This was a few months ago and even though I was super pumped to incorporate all I was learning, Tristan was still waking up a few times at night and it didn’t feel very feasible. Fast forward a few months and now that he is getting close to sleeping through the night (Didn’t I say I wouldn’t talk about sleeping in my last blog post?! Hopefully this doesn’t jinx me!!) I think it is time to put this routine into action.

The basic premise of the book is this: most people wake up for something or someone else. We plan just enough time in the morning to get ourselves to work, or we wake up to the sounds of our kids calling for us, or we hit the snooze button several times and start the day with the mentality that we are just not pumped to get up and greet the day!  At different stages in my life I have been guilty of all 3! But no more! I want to wake up and feel excited to start the day just for me. And if I get nothing else done that day I will feel great knowing I started to day off with a bang and already accomplished a lot!! So what exactly does this routine entail you ask? It all boils down to 6 simple steps:

  •  Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Exercise

That’s it! Easy peasy right? Hopefully by sharing with you I will feel more accountable and stick to it. I also plan on only committing to this routine for at least the next two months so that it becomes a solid habit before trying to add something else. Since it does contain an exercise component I obviously need to pick a few activities. I LOVE yoga so that will definitely be on the agenda, but lately I have really been feeling the urge to, as Grayson would say, “pump it out”. I am feeling the need to do some sort of high intensity workout. I have thought about starting to run again, or maybe try PIYO, Crossfit…something. I would love to hear from you. What worked for you? What workout do you love? What gave you the best results?

Thanks for reading my birthday reflections. To anyone out there who shares my birthday, Happy Birthday to YOU!! I hope you all have a beautiful day.