Babies like to play tricks, or maybe just my babies do.  We found with Grayson that anytime something good happened, like he slept through the night, and we talked about how awesome it was the next night would be AWFUL. He would wake up 8 times, or wouldn’t sleep at all.  After this happened a few times we decided we were jinxing things every time we talked about it.  So if something good happened, like Grayson slept through the night in his big boy bed or made it through the night in underwear without an accident, we would just give each other a look but NEVER speak of it!  Haha!

Maybe we thought Tristan was different, or maybe we are sleep deprived and forgot but the other night Tristan slept from 9:30pm-6:15am, nursed and went back to sleep until I had to wake him up at 9:15am to bring Grayson to his dayhome.  Grayson also slept until 8:30am that morning.  When Matt got home from work we talked about it.

Matt commented how awesome it was….and then we paid for it.

Grayson would not go to sleep that night.  He wanted a massage, he wanted a kiss, he wanted me to tickle his back,  he wanted a kiss from Matt, he wanted an apple, he wanted a banana…he finally fell asleep at 10:30pm!! Meanwhile Tristan was screaming his little head off, he did not want to go to sleep either.

Matt and I basically spent 2 hours going back and forth between their rooms.

Once they were FINALLY asleep we quickly went to bed ourselves.  I had just fallen asleep when I heard Grayson, “Mom I have to pee!!”.  I quickly ran to his room to take him to the bathroom.  Then he insisted I tickle his back and sing him a song.  He finally fell back to sleep, I got back into bed…30 minutes later I heard Tristan…and so our night continued.

We slept very little.

Next time something awesome happens, like Tristan sleeps through the night, you can bet we will NOT be talking about it!

Sleeping was a pretty big challenge for us with Grayson.  We read books, blogs, asked all our friends but truthfully not one thing worked for us.  It just took time.  Looking back now I can say there are a few things I think helped and we are seeing good results (wait..I shouldn’t be talking about this…am I jinxing things?!) with Tristan.

Here are 5 things that have helped us with sleep:

  1. Build a routine. This seemed overwhelming to me at first, I thought we had to have some elaborate big routine we would do every night but in truth it can be simple.  Put on pj’s, read a book, rock and sing a song and to bed.  It can be 5-10 minutes.  We don’t bathe our kids every night so that is not always part of the routine and that’s okay!
  2. Black out blinds.  I don’t know why we waited so long to get these.  They are worth every penny and honestly they aren’t that expensive.  We purchased ours from IKEA
  3. A sound machine.  Again, not very expensive and worth it.  We live in a smaller home and the boys’ bedrooms are on the same floor as our kitchen and living room so if we are watching a movie or have people over having a sound machine helps to mask the noise a bit.  Plus I find the sound of ocean waves very relaxing!  I might need a sound machine for myself.  Also check out the app Noisli.  I use this when we are out and about.
  4. Door Silencer.  These are awesome!  Nothing is worst than getting your baby to sleep, sneaking out the room and then the door clicking as it closes and your baby waking up!
  5. Be willing to take a breath and let it all go!  Matt and I tried so many things with Grayson, cry it out, nurse to sleep, co sleep(in our bed and in his crib!) and nothing worked and when we were at our wits end we said “I give up!” and that was the night he slept through the night.  Sometimes we get so caught up in this method or that method but in truth sometimes you just need to relax and know it will happen eventually…easy for me to say on this side of things…

Happy Sleeping!!