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*I originally posted this on Grayson’s birthday, February 1st. But as I prepare for Tristan’s first birthday and writing his birth story I wanted to revisit this one. I would love to hear about your birth experiences, please share if you feel comfortable in the comments!*

I can sum it up like this-we were not prepared!!

Grayson was born at 38 weeks and although I intuitively felt he would come early my entire pregnancy, everyone kept telling me that was just wishful thinking! That first babies always come later. And so I started to believe them.

My due date was February 11.  Many people guessed he would be a Valentine’s baby. Grayson had other plans.

So along comes 38 weeks, I had just had my baby shower and our birth pool had just been delivered. On Tuesday January 31st I planned on going to a talk with my mom and sister but I wasn’t feeling well. I called them and cancelled and decided to rest up. Matt came home early that day and we had a lovely nap together for a few hours. We woke up and decided to make some supper. We had some pesto from the farmers market on some pasta, just want I wanted(and little did I know probably a great meal to have to sustain me through my labour!) As I was doing the dishes I started to feel worst.  I kept telling Matt I just had a stomach ache. Matt said “you don’t get stomach aches and this one keeps coming and going, I think you might be in labour”.

I thought about it for a second and dismissed the idea. This is not what labour would feel like, right?

An hour or so later my “stomach ache” was still coming and going on a pretty regular basis…like a couple of minutes apart…I figured maybe I should just call the midwife and see what she thought before it got too late.  It was about 8:30pm at this point.  As I was talking to her I had a contraction that left me unable to talk and at this moment I FINALLY realized I was in labour!!

Insert panic.

We did not have a washer or dryer(they would be delivered the next morning, hours after Grayson was born!) so we had not washed ANY of the baby clothes, we had not washed our cloth diapers and I did not have any disposable diapers.

I had a plan, I wanted to have a clean house, fresh flowers, essential oils in the diffuser, the perfect playlist.

I had NONE of it.

I called my mom in a panic, “I am in LABOUR!  We need diapers, and clothes for the baby, and snacks.  And hurry up and get here!!”

Matt, my very handy husband, was in a panic trying to get the hose attached to fill the birth pool and could not manage.  He sat there fumbling with the faucet adapter. Our midwife came to Matt’s rescue and helped him attach the hose to the bathroom faucet and soon the water was flowing!  Thank goodness because all I wanted was to be in the water.  As soon as I could I was in the pool and it felt AH-MAZING!! Honestly I can’t imaging labouring without a pool.  There were a few times the midwife asked me to get out of the pool to check me and I was not too happy about that!! Once in the pool Matt and I were able to calm down a bit.  The contractions slowed down as I relaxed and we settled in to a nice rhythm.  The midwife went home for a bit since she lived really close and told Matt to call her as soon as we needed her back.  My mom, my sister Nicole, Matt’s mom Cindy and Matt all surrounded me.

Cindy was the water woman.  She boiled water and adjusted the temperature of the pool.  My mom and sister brought me coconut water, popsicles and other snacks to help keep my energy up.  My sister was in charge of the music.   Matt was a constant support, he danced with me, held my hand and was just there for me. A few hours passed and Matt thought my noises were sounding more “primal” and as we had learned from a birthing workshop we attended that could mean transition.  He called the midwife and she was back in no time.  She said I probably wasn’t there yet as it had only been a few hours but she checked me anyways. I was almost 10cm dilated!!  I was excited and nervous.  I got back in the pool ready to meet my baby.  I pushed for what seemed like forever!  In reality it was about 30 minutes.  My midwife suggested I get out of the pool and try to sit on the toilet and let gravity help out.  I very reluctantly got out of the pool.  Within minutes of being on the toilet things shifted.  I quickly went back to the pool and a few pushes later Grayson was born. Flume by Bon Iver was playing in the background. It was 4:30 am.  7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. Grayson Ranji Morris. He was absolutely beautiful with a big head of black hair!

Happy Birthday Grayson!  You are the best little side kick.  You challenge me in so many ways and I am a better person and mother for it.  You remind me to stay in the moment, to be silly, to have fun.  Being your mom is one of the greatest gifts of my life, thank you for choosing me.  Three years ago today a mother was born, a father was born and a tiny human being changed our life in ways we could have never imagined.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.