Remind me.  How many sick days is a mom entitled to and how might one go about accessing them?

Hello? Anyone?

Gone are the days of quiet couch laying, dozy movie watching, and all day snoozing to get better. A day in the life of a sick mom is a way different experience than taking a sick day pre-kids.  With no family in town, and a husband who works outside of the home, I may be sick but I’m still on mom duty. Here’s how my recent “sick day” went down…

Midnight, 1:03am, 2:28am, 3:05am, 4:45am Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. If the kids wake up, it’s all daddy.

5:51am Is it over?Nope.  Sick again.

5:55am Back in bed, try to sleep. The kids will be up soon…

6:59am Toddler is awake. Baby will wake up any moment. Husband takes the wheel. No energy to parent.

8:30am Wake up call. Husband leaves for work. Kids are fed. Ready, set, mom!

8:31am Toddler has meltdown because daddy left for work.

8:40am Crisis over. Kids playing happily together in living room while I attempt to rest on couch & sip on ginger ale left over from my last pregnancy.

8:42 – 9:00am Running interference from couch to quell a variety of sibling squabbles mostly to do with sharing.

9:00am – 9:15am A variety of requests: crackers (didn’t you just eat breakfast!?), water, milk, chocolate (almost give in), iPad. I get water and show the episode of Daniel Tiger where his mom gets sick on the iPad hoping that they’ll let me rest because: “When  you’re sick, reeessst is best rest is best!”

9:30am It’s a fight over the iPad so on goes the TV for some PVR/Netflixy goodness and kids get into daddy’s vintage TMNT and superheroes collection.9:40am – 10:15am “Play with me mommy”, “I’m hungry”, teething baby nurses multiple times, “mommy play with me”, sharing squabbles, “I’m thirsty”… I’m exhausted and it’s barely past 10.

10:20am Snack time. I’ll try a piece of toast.

10:25am Toast was a bad idea. Get sick.

11:00am Time for teething baby’s belated nap.

11:10am Cuddle on couch with toddler watching another episode of something I try to tune out while sneaking in a power rest.

12:00pm Teething baby wakes up after less than an hour of sleep.  We do lunch. Leftovers for the kids, bone broth with rice & carrots for mama. It stays down!

12:45pm – 2:00pm Kids play. I count the seconds until nap time.

2:00pm The moment I’ve been waiting for all day: NAP TIME! We all nap. It’s perfection.

5:00pm Daddy arrives home early. Help is here! We did it! We survived a day in the life of a sick mom.

Again I ask, how many sick days is a mom entitled to and how might one go about accessing them? Because next time I’m sick I’m not sure I can do it all over again.

How do you do it mamas?

  buddhiLove & buddhiHugs